Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wiki Creation.

Well here goes......I may have created my first Wiki using WetPaint. The 3 easy instructions were simple to follow and I just clicked on the link displayed on the Moodle site.

While viewing the Common Craft video (LeFever, 2007), I was impressed to see the idea of creating a simple, yet effective inventory list for a camping trip. I believe applications such as both of these could be effective in the classroom. However I have decided to enhance the students learning by creating this Wiki to suit the unit that the Year 6/7 class I am currently on prac with at Lakes Creek State School. The unit title is Biodiversity, including cross-curriculum key learning areas covering Science, SOSE, ICT and English. The unit will end with the students presenting a persuasive argument to represent their point of view on the negative, and or, positive impacts of an introduced species to Australia.

I believe, from what I have read, that Wiki’s are a great way to communicate. Therefore the students in Year 6/7 can create their own Wki page using WetPaint and publish the information they have discovered about their selected introduced species of either, plant, marine life or animal. By utilizing this learning tool and through collaroration with the rest of the class, the students will be able to add, edit and expose other types of introduced species. Conducting a KWL chart (what they Know; what they Want to know and what they have Learnt from creating a Wiki) at the beginning of the unit could activate students proir knowledge, if any, and initiate interest in the unit as well as a Wiki.
Here is my URL for my Wiki: http://debs-elearning.wetpaint.com/

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