Monday, August 3, 2009


Youtube contains an enormous amount of educational content that serves as ready-made experiences for teachers and students alike. However the problem then arises, how to keep students from viewing inappropriate YouTube content? KeepVid does this job very well. Keepvid is a website which enables you to download any video from a website which you normally would not be able to do. It can be used to embed videos in PowerPoint presentations, electronic whiteboard lessons and much more.

The YouTube clip I have chosen suits the current unit on Biodiversity I am doing. As part of assessment, each student in the Year 6/7 class, delivers a persuasive argument about an introduced species to Australia. The above YouTube clip is the first in a series of engaging ways to deliver tips on public speeking.
YouTube. (2008). Public speaking tips for kids. Retrieved August 3, 2009, from KeepVid. (2008). KeepVid. Retrieved August 3, 2009, form

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